Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Water the f-cking plants!  And I mean it!

Who does that blonde cow think she is anyway?  I mean seriously!  After all Ali has done to not just help Blake over her betrayal but also her indifference towards their child?  Freaking freaky Freak!

And there’s my friend, no angel by any means, but she tries.  And she puts up with a lot of crap from everyone, that man of hers in particular.  But she loves him and normally, he’s damn good to her.  So, I rag him a bit but mainly just leave him be.  He really is a good guy.

But damn, the minute that bitch steps back into the picture, somehow he manages to forget all that Ali has done for him and their family these past two years.  And he also amazingly seems to forget all the lying, cheating, and heartache that stemmed from that bleach blonde ex of his. 

To make it all worse, Ali was behaving herself.  After the last time she and Leslie had a knock-down drag-out (that Ali won by TKO, thankyouverymuch), Blake threatened her to within an inch of her life if she ever physically attacked the cow again.  No matter how much she may have deserved it.

So, since I was at their place, waiting on Ali to return when the call came in, as soon as Blake hung up and started ranting to Billy about Ali getting arrested… again… I was out the door and on my way.  I couldn’t leave her there, even if Blake could.  She was just acting in self defense, really.  And honestly?  He should be thankful she went for the stuffed bat and not the Glock she carried strapped to her back.  That would have been messy.  Billy will pretend to be angry, but will forgive me later.  We have this understanding.  He bails Blake out when he gets drunk and disorderly (and after Ali has slammed the phone down usually) and I act mad; he does the same for me and my pal.  But we don’t let their issues affect us (normally), so I know he won’t be angry long. 

In retrospect, my only regret is that I didn’t go with her when she asked.


But then, if I’d done that… we’d both STILL be in jail… ::sigh::

~Red, who now knows why it’s been so long since she’s posted.