Thursday, April 3, 2008

It Was Bound To Happen Eventually...

but why so soooooon? Yeah, I'm whining, deal with it!

I knew that once Billy got things back together that he'd be heading back out on the road again. But, back then, I wasn't pregnant and things weren't always going so good. Why does he have to leave now, right when I need him the most? When I want him the most?

He says he'll be home as often as he can; he refuses to stay out for months at a time this go 'round. I sure hope not. His son will be here in July and I can't do this without him. I guess there's only one way to ensure that he returns home as often as humanly possible. I'm going to have to give him that answer he's been waiting on.

Wish me luck.

~A nervous Red

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