Monday, July 7, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…

Okay. I know it. Now get off my back! Can I help it if I'm not a yammering fool like Ali is? Or that crazy blog-happy friend of hers? And whaddaya mean I DO yammer? Oooh… you so did not go there…

*breathes deeply*

Okies. So, I'll let that one slide for now. And only because I know that I'm irritated and grouchy already. Shut UP Billy, you're beginning to sound like Blake for the love of all things explosive. My excuse is that I'm pregnant. And ready to pop. Like um, nearly any day now. Yeah, I KNOW! I don't quite believe it myself. And here I am, not saying a word the whole freaking time.


Not. <watch the beat>

LOL Really, I am. But Billy's rehab has been taking up a lot of my quiet time and when we're not in therapy, we're buying baby furniture. Or fighting about the whole marriage thing. *shudders* And it's not like I don't want to get married… I'm just scared.

See? There. I've said it. It's out in the open. And Billy knows this, but he doesn't always understand. Some days he's cool with it and others, he can't figure out why I can't get past it all. Am I allowed to murder him? Or is that a wife's privilege only? *Makes mental note to ask Ali about that one*

Anyway, he's making amazing progress and we've really grown a lot closer these last few months. I know now that we will get married, I just can't tell him that yet… because he'll want to run off and get hitched. Immediately. Like I'm gonna change my mind or something. Go figure.

Did I tell you that Ali bought Rory a hamster? I swear, that kid is so spoiled. But then, after seeing Ali with the little ball of fluff, I starting thinking she brought the little rat home for herself.

~Your Tired and Cranky Red

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Redheaded Mama said...

Of course she really bought it for herself, do you really think she thought that a toddler needed a hamster?
As for you, just take some deep breaths and don't do anything that your heart tells you is wrong.